She’s doing her part. We’ve got to be doing ours.

“At calving, the fresh cow or heifer is at day-zero with her whole lactation in front of her. The faster we get her comfortable, the faster she can ramp up to meet her potential. Getting her to reach 100% of her potential is every dairyman’s goal. When she’s doing her part, we’ve got to be doing ours. We make a commitment in the calving transition period to soften udders quickly with Udder Comfort, freeing the cow to hit her stride from zero to 100, right off the starting block.”

Chuck Worden, Wormont Dairy
Cassville, NY 260 cows 150,000 SCC

We are amazed by our customers of all production sizes and management styles around the world and pleased to be part of this progressive dairy community with a common respect for theamazing dairy cow.

Her Comfort is our passion!