#1 Udder Product in North America

Preferred natural choice by dairy producers worldwide

Udder Comfort began with a unique natural product White udder lotion, evolving to include a blue lotion for larger herds to have easy identification for different milkers. Blue Udder Comfort spray was developed for added convenience and efficiency. Yellow Udder Comfort spray arrived, clear when applied to the udder and developed for organic herd use.

Udder Comfort is distributed worldwide.

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Beyond Cattle,

Udder Comfort works well

for sheep and goats too!

Our #1 Goal
is Comfort

Today’s dairy cows are amazing. She’s doing
her part. We want to be doing ours.
Her comfort is our passion!

The Comfort Team

Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Courage, Hard Work and Exceptional Customer Service are values we live by and consistently demonstrate. We are proud to be part of this dairy industry and the worldwide community sharing a common respect for the amazing dairy cow. Her comfort is our passion!

The Comfort Team is made up of sales specialists and comfort consultants, including current and former dairy producers as well as former large herd managers. Our team works closely with several prominent purebred and commercial dairies who help test and bring forward cost-effective ideas for application. We are proud of our Comfort Team, with over 200 years of combined cow comfort and milk quality experience.