“This product is phenomenal.”

“This product is phenomenal. We used to use different lotions on and off, which were inconvenient and inconsistent. But when we tried Udder Comfort spray 3 years ago, not only was it easy, we saw results. We now use it regularly on all fresh cows and heifers,” says Candice White, dairy manager and among the third generation involved at Dotterer’s Dairy, Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, where 1000 cows are milked, making 85 lbs/cow/day of high-quality milk with SCC averaging 100,000.

Candice was recognized as one of four Forward Under 40 honorees at the Dairy Girl Network national convention in 2018. She and her sister, cousin and niece were involved in a 2018 Land O’Lakes video project celebrating women in dairy.

Candice explains how Udder Comfort is a cost-effective tool for comfortable cows and quality udders after calving: “We spray all fresh udders 3x/day for at least 2 days after calving (6 to 8 applications) to soften and soothe. We stick with Udder Comfort because it’s the only one that works. The spray is easy, effective and quick, so our milkers use it.”

PHOTO: Candice White manages herd health and milking as part of the third generation at Dotterer’s Dairy where 1000 cows make 85 lbs/cow/day with 100,000 SCC. (Photos provided by Dotterer’s Dairy)

DOTTERER’S DAIRY, Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

The Dotterer Families

Milking 1000 cows

85 lbs/cow/day, SCC 100,000

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