“We love Udder Comfort… and see the results…”

“We love Udder Comfort and use it daily. We routinely apply it to fresh cows, and especially our prefresh heifers, starting three days before they calve and continuing three days after. The milkers find the Udder Comfort Spray Gun very easy for doing large groups of fresh animals,” says Chuck Worden of Wormont Dairy, Cassville, New York. Chuck and his wife Vanessa and their sons operate the dairy, milking 260 registered Holsteins and Jerseys. They have been using the product for over 10 years.

“The faster we can soften the udder after calving, the faster she can reach her genetic potential in a quality lactation. That’s why we make the commitment with Udder Comfort to soften and soothe,” Chuck explains.

“The spray system is ideal for the parlor situation, to apply the spray quickly and consistently, while using half as much product for optimal coverage on both the fore and rear udder,” he adds. “Udder Comfort is a proactive tool for fresh cow comfort, and we see the results in quality udders producing quality milk.”

PHOTO: Chuck and Vanessa Worden of Wormont Dairy. (Udder Comfort photo)

WORMONT DAIRY, Cassville, New York

The Worden Family

Milking 260 registered Holsteins and Jerseys

Shipping 18,000 pounds of 4.3F milk / day

SCC 150-170,000

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