“Comfort matters… gets fresh cows off to a great start.”

“Comfort matters. For 7 years, we have continued using Udder Comfort because it gets fresh cows off to a great start with quality udders for a quality lactation. We spray every udder 2x/day for 3 to 7 days after calving,” says Mitch Breunig, Mystic Valley Dairy, Sauk City, Wisconsin, home of Jenny-Lou Holsteins, founded by his parents Jeanette and Louis.

From balanced breeding, and a focus on longevity, came the legacy of Toystory. Today, this 440-cow high-producing freestall herd has over 60 cows past 150,000M lifetime. Still focused on the complete cow with quality udders, good feet and legs, high components and positive health traits, the 2017 Mystic Valley BAA was in the top 5 for herds over 300 cows, and the herd averages 100 lbs/cow/day with some lactation records to 55,000M.

“Udder Comfort fits our focus on comfort and quality,” Mitch explains. “We choose this product because it’s the one that works.”

PHOTO: Mitch Breunig at Mystic Valley Dairy, milking 440 registered Holsteins producing 100 lbs/cow/day of high-quality milk with SCC around 100,000. (Udder Comfort photo)

MYSTIC VALLEY DAIRY, Sauk City, Wisconsin

The Breunig Family

Milking 440 registered Holsteins

RHA 33,326M 3.82 1274F 3.01 1002P (3x) SCC 98-112,000

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