“Nothing else holds up to Udder Comfort.”

“We’re proud to be an early user of Udder Comfort — since its inception. It’s handy, easy to use and provides an excellent management tool for the dairy. That’s why we rely on it,” says Dr. Doug Evans.

In addition to the Evans family’s distinguished Sunny Acres Ayrshires, Doc Evans has a veterinary practice and has judged many cattle shows. In 2013, the family’s homebred Sunny Acres TSB Silk was the Grand Champion of the International Ayrshire Show at World Dairy Expo. Doc Evans was recognized in 2015 with the All-American Dairy Show’s prestigious Obie Snider Award for service to the dairy industry and community and for his ethics and conduct as a dairyman, showman and bovine veterinarian.

“We like to see prefresh 2-year-olds get Udder Comfort applied 1x/day for 10 days before they calve, to soften and soothe,” Doc Evans explains. “We like the quality of this product that makes a positive difference in dairy herds. We also like the way this company supports youth and the various farm and breed associations.”

Doc Evans (left) at home on the farm and in his dairy practice and with his daughter Rachel and homebred Sunny Acres TSB Silk Grand Champion of the 2014 International Ayrshire Show at the World Dairy Expo.

Dr. Doug Evans, VMD, Sunny Acres, Georgetown, New York

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