Udder Comfort is a Canadian company that manufactures a unique product made of essential oils that soften and soothe udders. Udder Comfort lotions and sprays are distributed worldwide. The Udder Comfort manufacturing site meets the strictest quality guidelines, achieving the International Organization for Standardization.

The Evolution of our Udder Care Management Products

The Udder Comfort brand of udder care management products began with a unique natural product, our White Lotion. This evolved to our Blue Lotion, which provides for easy identification for different milkers of larger herds, and then to the Blue Sprayable, for added convenience and efficiency. The Yellow Spray arrived – yellow when applied to the udder but quickly dries clear – and has been allowed for organic herd use.

Udder Comfort now offers the Udder Comfort Spray-Gun, a spray applicator that runs off of compressed air that allows for quicker and more complete coverage of the udder.

In addition, Udder Comfort is a distributor of Wescor’s Mas-D-Tec®. An electronic, hand-held, conductivity meter that is a simple, convenient, instantaneous, accurate and portable tool that identifies subclinical mastitis in individual quarters to optimize any udder care management program.

Our Quality Policy

Udder Comfort is committed to continuously improving our products and service and exceeding our customer’s expectations for quality, cost, and delivery.