" A very useful lambing tool for us since 2012"

“It started with a sample of Udder ComfortTM during lambing season in January 2012, and it continues to be a very useful lambing tool for us today,” says Evan Snyder, farm manager at MacCauley Suffolks, Atglen, Pennsylvania, home to a distinguished flock of Suffolks. Evan puts a high priority on comfortable udders nourishing healthy, growing lambs.

“We’ll lamb 280 ewes each season. When we see a large udder, an udder bagging tight with milk, or any signs of chafing, chapping, or discomfort, we spray that udder with Udder Comfort to soften and soothe,” Evan explains.

“There is no doubt that it works, protecting udders, especially on older ewes,” he adds. “After seeing what Udder Comfort can do, we continue to make sure we have it on hand during lambing season. We’re impressed with this product.”

MACCAULEY SUFFOLKS, Atglen, Pennsylvania Bill, Betsy, Chris and Kyle MacCauley, owners; Evan Snyder, farm manager 325 purebred ewes, 100 crossbred recipient ewes and wether dams

" It works great... I love that it's all natural"

“Whenever I have a doe freshen with a hard udder, I turn to Udder Comfort. I spray the udder after each milking to soften and soothe, so the doe is more comfortable and relaxed. We see the benefits within 2 days. This really brings the udder back fast,” says Logan Meyer of Freedom Star Farm. She and husband Ron and daughters Aileen and Rylan live in rural Hampton, New Jersey. Not only does Logan manage her Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Dairy Goat herd, she also shows, is involved in the Garden State Dairy Goat Association and American Dairy Goat Association, does Linear Appraisals and is a Certified DHI Milk Tester through Dairy One.

“Udder Comfort also works great to soften and soothe dry skin, rashes and abrasions,” says Logan, who founded and administrates the nationwide Goat Health and Goat Baby Watch Forums on Facebook. “I love this product, and I love that it’s all natural. I see the results that come with using Udder Comfort.”

FREEDOM STAR FARM, Hampton, New Jersey, Logan and Ron Meyer 80 purebred does, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats